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DC responds to ‘Batman’s Wife’ shirt criticism


I hope DC actually takes steps to double check their licensed products. The words and images on fashions especially for kids have an impact. Here’s hoping they have finally realized these types of messages are not the right ones to send and not the ones they should want associated with their brand.

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So this isn’t me being some creepy, psycho obsessed, fangirl, just analyzing the dude’s personality but i feel like Dean Ambrose would be a perfect boyfriend, but at the same time be your bestest friend. Like, I feel like he’s the type of guy who would want the girl he’s with to just chill the fuck out in sweatpants and a T shirt. He wouldn’t be the type to like expect sex all the damn time. I feel like the girl he’s with could walk around in like lingerie with a bath robe on and he wouldn’t automatically assume that she’s trying to like seduce him. He would just look at her, smile, and say “You look great, babe” and then motion for her to sit on the couch and watch TV with him. Yes, they would kiss and blah blah blah, but they would hang out, watch shows together, even go shopping together. Like he would want a bro along with a girlfriend.
Am I the only one who thinks this? Is this just me? Am I crazy?

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Richard Shilling's Land Art

Art Blog

richard shilling makes art using only that which he finds in nature - broken twigs, fallen leaves, mud, tree sap, torn bark - and returns it in creations he ‘leaves’ for others to find.

Land artists take naturally occurring materials in the wild and rearrange them into works of art. That’s what Richard Shilling does, using no glue, string, or any other materials. You can see some prime examples of his ingenuity at the link. Shilling makes excellent use of translucent leaves, flexible stems, and stones to make effective sculptures. The wind often sweeps away his works within minutes of completion, but that’s okay with Shilling because it is an affirmation of the transient nature of life.

Thanks to nubbsgalore for this post and thanks for the talent of this Great Sculptor of Nature: richard shilling

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