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The reason why Dean didn’t do a lot of interviews at WrestleMania Axxess. (x)

Everybody’s got their different schedules. I’m a little bit of a night owl, I don’t like to get up super early, Roman is the same way. Seth has got his certain schedule he likes to keep. [Seth] likes to say: ‘Often Roman will be on Samoan time.’ He just kind of is on his clock all the time. I always get a lot of stuff for disappearing, I pull a lot of disappearing acts a lot of the time on the road. A lot of the good stories I can’t get into the specifics.
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I Got The Moves Like Jagger. 

I Got The Moves Like Jagger. 

Roman Reigns Being A Fan—WWE Countdown “Hell in a Cell”

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Like brother and sister. (x)


Easiest question ever …
Oh gosh I can’t stop laughing. I love you Tom.


Easiest question ever …

Oh gosh I can’t stop laughing. I love you Tom.

That moment when even Robert’s costars can’t tell the difference.


*when someone repeats what you just said*


*witnessing something extremely disturbing/abnormal in public* image

*when no one receives the meal they ordered*


*when your friend and their parents are arguing*


*when you come out of your room and realise you’re home alone*



When they say ‘I Love you’ when it’s just a hookup

When he/she says the wrong name…

When you forget to use protection

When your parents walk in

When your partner sneezes

When they fart or queef

When they sneeze AND fart

When he sticks it in the wrong hole

When you forgot to pee

When she’s sucking and throws up on your dick.

When you forget to do your homework … during sex

Don’t have sex kids … it will get awkward and you will die


When your parents cook something that smells really good and you emerge from your room like


When that thing turns out to be something you don’t like